Pies at the Newman Arms


As well as a nice little bar downstairs, this proper London pub (i.e. with actual Londoners drinking in it) on Rathbone Street in Fitzrovia has a gem of a ‘pie room’ upstairs, where we ventured to try out the fare recently. But be warned – this place is not open at the weekend and its worth booking a table too, not that we did…

After a couple of pints of Pride in the bar, we headed upstairs, looking for pie as always. The pie room did not disappoint, and although we had not booked ahead – it was a Wednesday after all – there were a good number of tables taken. We got a table for 4 and sat down to select our pies.

2 Beef and Guinness and 2 chicken, gammon and leek pies later, we were all very satisfied. However, the sight of sticky toffee pudding on the blackboard forced us to reconsider our status and we ordered puddings with a heart-clogging combination of custard, cream and ice cream.

Here is James enjoying his pint and pie on the night

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