The Counting House and the one and only Pie Platter

Firstly, it is worth confessing that the Counting House is my favourite pub in the whole world, however I will try my best to give a fair and balanced review. From the outside, this pub could very easily be walked past. It is one of several innocuous looking finance type buildings on Cornhill. It is not until you step inside that you get the initial wow factor. It really is an old counting house / bank, with super high vaulted ceilings, wood panelled walls and lots of historic decor. The central bar is very large, with a decent number of bar staff always on hand.

In terms of beverages, they have a mixture of mainstream and Fuller’s own draft ales. My particular favourite is the Honey Due, which is brewed with honey making it slightly sweet (beautiful). It is worth noting again that this is a Fuller’s chain pub. Having been to several of their other venues, I’m guessing this is probably their flagship pub and a definite cut above the rest.

Back to the venue…. There is a decent amount of space and tables around the bar; however it’s the other areas that really add the character. To the left of the bar is an impressive and ornate staircase, leading to a balcony style second floor with additional tables and tucked away rooms. Behind the bar downstairs there are additional rooms, with some you can hire. Some of these are excellent “gentleman’s club” type rooms with wooden panelled walls. Note that these typically have to be booked.

I have saved the best until last – of course, the pies. Given that Fuller’s specialise pies, you won’t be surprised to learn that they are extremely good quality. What I think really stands out is the range – we’re talking around 10+ different pies on offer. If this wasn’t enough they have trumped this with the PIE PLATTER. This is a large plate with mash, peas, gravy and 5 (yes, 5) separate pies. It’s meant for two but if you’re hungry and into your pies I’d suggest taking one down on your own. Each of the 5 pies is excellent but it’s the variety that really makes it. In summary, this is a thoroughly great pie venue, which I deservedly award 10/10.

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