The Guinea disappoints

On paper, The Guinea pub and restaurant in the heart of Mayfair would have seemed to have been a certain winner for pie hunters. And yet I left slightly disappointed.

High expectations? Well the Pie Institute of Excellence (P.I.E) club heavily advertised on the website certainly had us expecting a premium pie experience. But when I asked the waiter about P.I.E it turned out to be nothing more than a mailing list for Youngs. Disappointing.
The downstairs pub had a nice atmosphere with a good selection of Youngs ales. We ultimately ate upstairs in the restaurant given the size of the party.
The majority of this week’s pie hunters went for the three times national championship winning steak and kidney. It was of a decent standard, with a thick crust pastry. Improvements could be made to the amount of gravy and the portion size, which could have been more generous given the punchy £14.50 price tag. We had to order multiple sides.
The Guinea needs to up it’s game to live up to it’s own billing as the pie centre of West London.
Ambience 6.5/10
Value 4/10
Pie 7/10
Ales 7/10


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