Joe’s Stone Crab – an American classic

Joe’s is a Miami institution, serving 1000 servings of its famous crab on an average night. Celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year, it is still privately and family owned and has grown from a small lunch counter on Miami Beach when Miami was just a quiet backwater town. It is only open during the crab season between October and May.

With no booking possible Piehunter dutifully tipped the manager $20 and was given a table within a couple of minutes of waiting at the bar.

Eating ‘family style’ our group enjoyed a starter of calamari, asparagus, artichoke (our waiter did not approve) and lobster macaroni cheese. The main course featured a mountain of delicious Alaskan crab and Florida King crab (cold), with potato and spinach sides. Paper bibs were mandatory.

Desert included an incredible key line pie, apple pie and chocolate brownie disguised by a mountain of ice cream and cream.

Our taxi driver refused to accept our doggy bag of cold King crab as payment for our journey back to the hotel.

Highly recommended.

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