G is for Georgian

It was a lovely early summer walk through leafy St John’s Wood to Tamada. And you couldn’t miss it.


Low on patrons, but high on hearty Georgian food, this was a great supra (feast) for the Piehunter team. In case you didn’t know, a tamada is a toast master for a supra.


We kicked things off with some delicious flatbreads and a slightly disappointing Kuchmachi (pork lungs, livers and hearts, with onions & Georgian spices £7.00). Perhaps that was always going to be a likely outcome with that order, but the Piehunter team pride themselves in taking the most ‘authentic’ option on the menu.


Favourite main courses included Khinkali (traditional giant dumplings with minced juicy pork & beef, onions & herbs, £15), Chaqapuli (lamb in wine & tarragon sauce, wild plum, fresh herbs, onions and garlic served with bread £16.50) and Jarkoe (a Tamada special, baked layers of veal, onions, potatoes, cheese, herbs & tarragon, topped with black paper & mayonnaise, £17).

The Georgian lager was excellent and one piehunter was thrilled with his pink Georgian lemonade. After last month’s coffee debacle, the Georgian coffee with a bite of a walnut cake (£4) hit the spot – both timely and delicious.


Pie Hunter ratings

Value for money 3/5

Food 4/5

Drinks 4/5

Service 4/5

Atmosphere 2/5

Total 17/25

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