V is for Vietnamese

V was a bit of a revelation to this team of Pie Hunters. First opened in 2002 by Mr Lot Van Pham and Mrs Anh Phuoc Thi Pham and now benefiting from a loyal following, Song Que is just one of a number of great Vietnamese restaurants in Shoreditch.

Excellent and fast service, with very good food. Overall we thought the starters were probably the highlights, and although we are always delighted to see some dessert options, these were rather peculiar.

Enjoying a signature dish – beef noodle soup (£9.60).

The spectacular looking ‘Three Colour Dessert with Coconut Milk’ or Che ba mau (£4.00).

Pie Hunter Ratings

Service 4/5

Drinks 3.5/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Food 4/5

Value 4.5/5

Total 20/25


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