Great Queen of Pies

We went to Great Queen Street (opposite the Masonic temple between Holborn and Covent Garden) for our wedding anniversary and it didn’t disappoint.

GQS is run by the award winning team behind the Anchor & Hope in Waterloo, but you can book- Hurrah! Very nice, cosy and buzzy atmosphere and a very interesting daily menu that specialises in game and meats, including some mammoth lamb and beef options for up to six people.

My eye was obviously caught by the chicken and leak pie for two and I can honestly say it was one the greatest pies I have had the pleasure to sample since my appointment as a primary pie reviewer for Pie Hunter.

Wonderful gravy and substantial and tasty roast chicken pieces. Piping hot and fresh from the oven, the pastry was a fantastic suet-crust variety.

Suet-crust is a traditional British pastry that, despite being made with shredded beef suet, can be used for sweet or savoury dishes such as steak and kidney pudding or jam roly-poly. Suet-crust pastry is steamed, rather than baked, to give a light spongy texture and can also be used for dumplings. And it was bloody amazing.

I would recommend the new potatoes and greens on the side, but skip the starter – there is enough for three people at least!

Pie Hunter rating
Ambiance: 8/10
Pie: 9/10
Ale: n/a (there were some London ales, but would recommend the selection of French reds)

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