Burek? Yes We Can.

Buregdzinica Ahmo,18 Abadziluk, Sebilj Square, Sarajevo

Sarajevo’s old town is littered with buregdzinicas, which essentially translate as “pie shops”. A trip to one of these is advisable for all visitors, and non-negotiable for any lovers of food encrusted with pastry. The majority specialise in selling purely Pites (which they translate on menus and to foreignors as ‘pies’), but some have cunningly tried to differentiate themselves by cross-selling other bosnian specialities.

Ahmo is a pure Pite specialist and concentrates on the standard 4 types;Burek (meat filled) Zeljanica (spinach) Sirnica (cheese) and Krompirusa (potato). You pay per kg of pie, with a kg of burek the most expesive at 10KM, just under £5. We sampled 250g of each which proved ample for 2, and with a total bill including drinks giving you change from a fiver, you can’t argue with the value for money, and the almost instant service.

The spinach one would top my recommendation list, followed by the cheese, potato and finally the meat one. The meat one, although tasty, resembled a cornish pasty too much for my liking, and in such foreign lands was not what i was after. For any novice I would stick to the ‘Pie Platter’ option and sample all of the delights together.

There was no ale available, but there wasn’t a local to be seen who wasnt drinking a thin yoghurt drink alongside their pie. Being lactose intolerant I had to give that one a wide berth (I made an exception for the Sirnica Pite) but by all accounts its a must have.

Ambience 8/10

Value 10/10

Pie 8.5/10

Ale n/a

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