Piehunter takes on Vivat Bacchus

Piehunter visited the Farringdon branch of Vivat Bacchus on National Pie Week.

It was a mixed evening on the pie front. Having quickly spotted the specials board for ‘Vivat Bacchus’ Famous Pies’ and made our selections (chicken & leak and beef & chorizo), we were told that only twenty of each pie were made every day and salmon was the only pie still available. Surely an error on a national pie holiday.

Stony faces all round as we took another look at the menu. Half the piehunter team manned up and took on the salmon option, while the others decided on a rump steak and springbok burger.

The pie was good, but in search of the world’s best pies we look for the exceptional and this effort did unfortunately fall short.

The venue did however compensate with a good atmosphere, a great selection of wine and a formidable cheese room where you could go to select your cheese board.

We’ll be back.

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