I is for Indonesian

Bali Bali on Shaftesbury Avenue was reassuringly central after a couple of zone 2/3 excursions. Busy and bustling we had a great table in the corner by the window.

Drinks were straightforward – Bintang beers, and a guava juice for one pie hunter feeling a little worse for wear. Starters were tasty and plentiful. Indonesian prawn crackers (extra prawn apparently) and a chef special starter selection to share including spring rolls, chicken satay, vegetable martabak, prawn fritter and crab claws on a bed of prawn crackers.

I was told that the Rangan was the best thing on the menu and it was very good with a pleasing slow build heat. Anchovy and peanut was a wild card option which didn’t go down well with everyone.

Desserts included banana fritters and Kue Dadar (a coconut pancake served with coconut milk, pictured). Pretty decent espressos and reasonable service.

Pie Hunter Ratings

Food 4/5

Ambience 4/5

Drinks 3/5

Service 3/5

Value 3/5

Total 17/25

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