K is for Korean

A return to form with a visit to Arang off Golden Square, Soho. This thriving restaurant really won the team over with the overall experience, including excellent food and perfect service from its attentive and efficient staff.

Appetizers included a flavorsome Kimchi (£2.50) and selection of dumplings and pancakes. Making use of the barbecue at the table, stand out mains included Deunngsim-gui (grilled beef sirloin, £11), Bulgogi (sliced & marinated beef, £9.50) and Yangnyeomdak-gui chicken (£9.50).

Beer was good, but pretty standard. No desserts on offer, so we tucked into these tasty half time oranges….

Pie Hunter Ratings

Food 4/5

Ambience 4/5

Drinks 3/5

Service 5/5

Value 3.5/5

Total 19/25

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