J is for Jamaican

I hoped that the passing of time would look kindly on our visit to the Camden institution Cottons. But it sadly wasn’t the case.


Upstairs seating was pretty drab and looked like someone’s living room. The food was fair but probably over priced (Mixed Jerk Meat Grill Platter, £27 for two). However, it was really let down by the poor service. The one guy serving tables took an age to bring us our beers and lost our food order. He didn’t admit this and simply said there had been a mix-up after we had already been waiting over an hour. There was no offer of money off or anything to make up for it.

The meal was somewhat saved by the great ice cream we had next door at Marine Ices.


Pie Hunter Ratings

Food 3/5

Ambience 2/5

Drinks 3/5

Service 0/5

Value 2/5

Total 10/25

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